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Star Wars

There is such a difference between someone placing a 45 dollar bid on eBay and winning an Atari 2600 with a dozen cartridges, than there is with someone that bought one in 1981 and then took 6 months to collect a handful of games at $20 each. Driving 4 miles to the only video store to rent game carts at 2 bucks a night. 2 games for 2 days was expensive. 

The Intellivision 1 I picked up in 2000 is still in the original box with a $249.95 price tag on it.

My first console was a Coleco. $153 on sale. I paid 35 dollars or more for 10 of my Coleco games. Even though I got a mega bargain on an intellivision used in 1983 I still paid over $15 for Most games.

Then 8 years later, buying a box of 3 dozen games at a yard sale for $5. Pulled the old Atari out of a box. Sitting playing game after game. Switching games every few minutes. Definitely not the same as it would have been.

What makes the experience so much different? Money? State of the art vs. bargain bin?

The biggest example I can think of is with an Apple II computer. I saw so many games I wanted so bad. But couldn't afford the $2000. Now you can get an apple IIe on eBay for $10

Yes retro is nostalgic and cool but it is just not the same.

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