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What is the percentage of people sitting inside in front of a computer that would rather be outside doing something. I remember back in 90 when Nintendo came out with the powerpad system. That is the gym mat that was used for a controller. You had to jump on it to get it to do things. It came with a track and field game. I thought it was ridicules. If a kid wanted to be working up a sweat playing a game wouldn't they be outside in the first place? Of course. But Nintendo in their marketing wisdom withheld the regular NES units that holiday season. So people were stuck buying the $150 powerpad system just to get the NES the kids were screaming for :) And it was so easy to cheat. Just use your hands...

Anyway, this is a precursor to something I have been wondering about advertising for something outdoors. So here are a few links for my theory. All of these related to the great outdoors. 

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Is there a combination computer geek outdoorsman out there?

Hit Counter outdoor techies.


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