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By game styles I mean platform games, scrollers, adventure, DnD, third person, first person, puzzle, maze.

The first arcade games after the pong style were the wave games. Like space invaders. Wave after wave and getting harder and harder and all for high score.

Of course donkey kong defined the platform game.

Some games were very visionary and broke new ground. Some were rather blatant copies. Some were just plain strange.

I say bring back side scrolling platform games. Forget the 3D. With the introduction of Quake you had to start looking up and down as well as 360 degrees. I can never really handle games like that. Not with any PC controllers I have anyway.

The original styles were defined by what you could actually do with a paddle and where the boundaries were. Like the walls at the top and bottom or sides of pong and breakout. The wave games like space invaders broke from this but the platformers brought it back but they put the walls in the middle of the screen. When the first atari came out for home the game styles split between what could be done at home and what could be done on a $3000.00 arcade machine. I'll have to split this off to Home styles and Arcade styles now :)

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