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Daphne Princess DaphneThrough the wonder of web page statistics I can see that the number one requested item on my website is a picture of Daphne. The Princess Daphne from Dragon's Lair. Also in the top 3 behind Witchiepoo is Smurfette. Since everyone liked the Daphne pics I have a few more from the video game. Watch out for the one in the middle, you could poke your eye out.

I have a question for you. What do Daphne and Smurfette have in common? Answer. a woman named Lucille Bliss.

Lucille did the voice of the original Daphne in the first two Dragon's Lair video games. Lucille was also the voice of Smurfette in the smurfs cartoons.

Anybody that has gotten to the Dragon's Lair in the final part of the first game knows that voice. OooOOoO Save Me!  :)   And in the interview for the 20th anniversary of Dragon's Lair Don Bluth admitted to using Playboy Playmate pictures as the basis for Daphne. As if we didn't know. And in the same interview they show the "New Daphne" Vera Pacheco who is credited as Vera Lanpher in the original Dragon's Lair also as Princess Daphne. ??? There were two people doing Daphne back in 1983? Don Bluth said they could not afford actors so they used crew members to do the voices. 1982 would have been the start of the Smurf's popularity so Lucille would have been busy or in demand. Maybe I'll get to the bottom of this some day. Do you know the answer to this? What parts of Dragon's Lair were voiced by Lucille Bliss. If you happen to know please send me an email.


Where was I, Oh yeah, Lucille Bliss. In 1982 when Dragon's Lair was being made she was 53 years old. Another example of the voice acting ability that goes well beyond age. Not that 53 is old mind you. I'm only 10 years away from that myself. (EEEK!) A Google search also shows Lucille doing the voices of Anastasia one of the wicked step sisters in Cinderella and also Bamm Bamm from the Flintstones. Cool.. And a more recent picture shows her accepting an award in 2000.

Back when I was playing Dragon's Lair at the Exton Square Mall in 1984 the idea that you could someday look up all this information at the press of a few keys was a bit Science Fiction. Today there are people searching the internet for images of Daphne. And how I got one at the top of a google list is beyond me. But I think people need to see a little more of the background which is why I'm putting this page up. Who knows. After 30 years I got a prized Witchiepoo autograph. I wonder if I'll ever have a Lucille Bliss autograph. Or a Vera Lanpher-Pacheco one :)

Update Jan 2007. Check out the pic. Yes, finally got a Lucille Bliss autograph! Thanks to eBay.

I'm going to leave you with one last Daphne image. This is a capture from the Dragon's Lair 3D Return to the Lair teaser video. Does it look like there are some hidden innuendo here? In the video it is voiced over by Vera's lovely lips and OooOoos and AhhHHhhHs  :)

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