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Back in September 2002. I did a major de-cluttering of everything I had stored away. A few weeks before I noticed a small water leak in my basement that was coming from the water meter. Sure it was only a drip or two a minute. But it must have been going on for weeks because the corner of the basement had an inch of water in it. Luckily I had all my stuff on shelves that were at least 2 inches from the floor. But then It got me thinking. So I started cleaning up and sorting. After going through 4 boxes and sorting cables and interface cards and other useless junk I realized I had 18 phone cords. Who in their right mind would have that many phone cords. I only have 3 phones in the house. Yeah I have a dreamcast and 3 other computers with modems. But 18? I kept 2. One is the 50 footer from the dreamcast and another is a see through one for a living room or such.

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