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IBM's attempt to sneak into the home computer market along with Atari and Commodore in 1983 was the PC Jr.

Cartridge based IBM computer. Reminds me so much when all computers were IBM or IBM compatible or Apple or other.

I was lucky enough to get a full working Jr. from the Children's Project. Picked up a never opened joystick from eBay for $5. All so I could complete my Demon Attack collection. Imagic's Demon Attack for the PC JR. was the hardest one to find. Took over a year wait on eBay to see one come up. I was ready to pay $50 for it but got lucky and snagged it for $24. Two weeks later one went for $54  :)

This is not a particularly good game but it is Demon Attack.

Ok I do have a whole Demon attack page somewhere so I have to stop saying it here on this IBM PC JR. page if I want the search engines to cut me some slack...



Hit Counter people thought $1500 was a deal for an IBM PC Jr.


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