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The first Pentium computer I bought was in 1995. A Packard Bell force 480. Only 75mhz. And only an 850meg hd :( I did manage to get 16 meg ram for an extra $80 :) I have recently kicked that machine up to a 133mhz with 32mb ram and an extra meg of video memory making it 2 meg.

The machine I'm running now is a custom built socket 7 MMX board with 64mb and a Cyrix MII 300. I have an Adaptec scsi interface connected to an internal 4gig hd and a zip100. And would you believe I have a working 5 1/4 drive in this thing :) A combo drive actually. And I just got a DVD rom drive so I get to watch DVD's if I want.

June 2001 I finally broke down and picked up a new machine. A PIII 1ghz. Goes well with my new DSL.

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