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My first PC was an IBM AT in 1989. 6 mhz. 1 meg ram. EGA video. 20meg hard drive. Paid $700 for it. Came with an EGA grayscale monitor. Picked up a color EGA monitor for $100 about 3 months later. 

I spent many hours learning dos 3.3 and I managed to find a version of windows 286. Then I discovered quick basic and I was off to try and be a programmer.

I have a few of the best programs I made with QB 4.5 and while I'm on the subject I'll offer them here for you to take a look at :)

Please note. It's a good idea with any executable from the net to run a virus scan first.

 Draw-it-up. This is a drawing program I wrote when I wanted a lite-brite thing to play with.

 Super Slider. This is a configurable sliding block puzzle. Try the hidden number option for a real challenge.

 Flip-It. A really cool flipping puzzle. If you are a rubics cube type you will like this. Very simple concept. Just make all the pieces the same color!

As with most pre PCI graphics the mouse libraries don't display a cursor so the mouse doesn't work well. Super Slider works well with the keyboard. But flip-it needs the mouse :(

The address listed in these programs is no longer valid. Don't send money :) Please email me if you have any questions.


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