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Next PC in 1994 was an IBM PS/2 mod 70 with 8meg ram and a 120meg hard drive. This was given to me by my job. 

ps2mod70.jpg (15559 bytes)

That is not the original monitor. First I had the IBM color vga that came with it. Then I bought a leading edge monitor from my boss for $20. Notice anything strange about the computer? Like why does it look so big for a PS2/mod70? I guess this is just an inside trivia joke. The monitor is actually a 9 inch vga grayscale mini. And the keyboard is also a space saver. Duh. silly I know but I have to make these pages interesting somehow :)


9invga.jpg (14021 bytes)

minikbd.jpg (20612 bytes)

This was sitting on top of my computer while I was transferring files from it. I was using the mod 70 as my Atari server and had collected about 15 meg worth of Atari files. I wanted to get these on to my main computer. This mod 70 can now be fully retired. The only thing I was using it for besides the Atari stuff was to play ultima VII

I had also managed to collect an IBM PS/2 mod 80 with a 486 board from somewhere for $100. This computer weighs 48 lbs. Well it did until it was stripped and went out in the trash. The full height 5 1/4 120mb hard drive makes a nice door stop. I have some parts from PS/2's to trade if anyone is looking. No I don't have any sound cards or external scsi cables :)

Ok as of 2001 I have a microchannel sound blaster and I did have an external scsi cable but I traded it for the sound card.  :) But I got the other scsi card with the real scsi-2 cable end.

But as of 2006 all my microchannel stuff except the Mod 70 itself have been sold on eBay. Oh well.

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