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Ok. Starting a new thread with the PC compatible.

Computers in general were changing. The home hobby machines started by Atari and Commodore were challenged by the IBM PC jr. Even though with the C128 and the Atari ST the previous home systems were very powerful. But they did not compare to the Intel based machines. And the price of business computers were coming down very rapidly. 

But games and graphics were an afterthought when it came to IBM computers. You could make a better looking game on an old Atari 2600 than you could with a PC with CGA graphics. You had more memory. But no real controls. SO most of the early PC games were strategy games. Text based games like Infocom's Zork all of a sudden were able to get 100 times longer and more complex. It wasn't until one programmer mixed loads of text and complexity into something that was fun and addicting to play

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