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Back in the 80's I wanted a real computer so bad. I had the ZX81 but it wasn't color. The video store also sold Atari computers. I remember comparing an Atari 800 side by side with a 2600 and playing demon attack on both. 

You know. I actually don't remember which is which now? I think the one on the left is the 2600 version.

Something made me want that Atari. I don't know exactly what it was because the games were virtually identical. The movement on the 800 version is more hypnotic. But the $700 price tag made it impossible. Even the $299 price of the 400 was way out of reach.


But now look. I have both of them :)

Then there was the commodore Atari rivalry. Commodore was the first computer with 64k that was less than $1000. Then the 800XL came out and the prices started dropping. Which one. I started serious considerations when they were both around $300. Real people had apple computers. Real business people were starting to embrace the IBM computer. Then the big price war hit the fan. 

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