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For the third time in 8 years I have found my stash of Atari disks. Not sure why I put them away in different places and then forgot about them. Now with my YouTube page I can show them off to the world.

There is an alternative to 25 year old floppy drives that are starting to fall apart. Using an interface called an SIO2PC you can use you computer as an Atari disk drive. Actually you can use your computer as several Atari peripherals. All made possible by a program called APE. The Atari Peripheral Emulator is a shareware program available at along with the SIO2PC lets you copy files from real Atari disks to virtual disks stored on your computer. Much easier that flipping your way through 300 floppy disks like I did back in the day. I still have about 100 floppies.

Because if this I am able to share Atari games from 25 years ago with you. Countless hours were spent learning Basic and machine language and assembler. And creating things with the various "kits" and "construction sets". One of my favorites was Bill Budge's Pinball Construction Set. With PBCS you also had the option of creating playable complete games that you could distribute to your friends. There were hundreds of good pinball games available on the BBS's because of this. I spent a few weeks making different pinball sets but only two of them stand out. One called Round About is my favorite. It's simple and hard and there is just something about it I really like. Check out this YouTube video which also shows you how to load the game after you download it.

My second best was a He Man themed game I did for my kids. It is much easier than the other one and He Man was still cool in 1986.

These two pinball games are available on ATR image by clicking HERE. If you don't have a real Atari 800 you can still use this image with any emulator that supports ATR files. Also on that same image is a game I wrote called Race Cars - red light green light. It is a two player joystick game of the olds kids game, red light green light. Here is a video of my 9 year old almost beating me. He got greedy at the last second :)

The ATR is a Dos 2.5 single density image so you could copy it directly to any real Atari floppy. Load it without basic and load VJROUND to play Round About or load VJHEMAN to play He Man. To play Redlight load up the image with basic and from the READY prompt type RUN "D1:REDLIGHT" and wait for the game to load and initialize and then follow the on screen instructions. Also on that ATR is both PB source files for the pinball sets if you have the original Pinball Construction Set and you want to load them and play around with them. Please credit me if you use them anywhere. These are the original files from 1986 but I did make some minor modifications which you will see.

More interesting stuff will be coming. Subscribe to vulcanjedi on YouTube to get notified.

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