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Like I mentioned on the previous page I could never afford an Apple computer when they came out. I did not get my first Apple (Or MAC) until 2000. The Children's Project 2000 had dozens of Apples they had to throw away. So of course I rescued a few of the best looking ones I could find.

So here is my list

  • Apple IIe
  • Apple IIc
  • Apple IIgs
  • Apple IIe MAC emulator card in a LC475

The IIgs has a zip rom upgrade and a ramFAST SCSI card. So I have an external hard drive set up for it. And I have a collection of external floppy drives. Even a unidisk 3.5

The one Apple I still want to get is the one Flynn had in the movie Tron.

Is it my imagination or did he have a Commodore monitor hooked up to it?

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