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Back in 1988-89 I don't remember any Japanese import system seeming so obscure as the NEC PC Engine. Sega's Mega Drive was going to be the Genesis in the states. But there was this other 16bit system.

As you know it was released as the Turbo Grafx 16. Expensive and nowhere to be seen in most American stores. Even in 1990 when I was working in a games store when I was able to compare games I would not have given this console a second thought.

Until I played Dungeon Explorer :)

After the store closed we would carefully remove a turbotap and a few turbo pads from our stock. And 3 or 4 of us depending who came back, would sit in the back room playing Dungeon Explorer. The Mall closed at 9:30. So when I didn't get home till 1:00 AM I had some explaining to do.

Anyway, initially the TG16 lagged behind the Genesis because it was slower, Only had 1 scrolling background, and didn't have any big name games. But the pinball games like Alien Crush were top of the line.

I didn't get a TG16 until 1999 when I traded 2 high end SNES carts (Lufia II and Breath of Fire II) for one with 3 games. And I picked up a turbo booster AV adapter and even a turbo tap in other trades.

Hit Counter TurboGrafx 16 people left out there wish they had a TurboDuo.

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