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Vector scan ? Lines on a TV screen? Sure that was the technology for some of the best arcade games. Asteroids, Battlezone, Star Castle. No way this could come home could it? Actually it did of course. For around $200 you could buy the little arcade machine with it's own little monitor. The drawback was it was only black and white. But it had these colored plastic overlays that fit in front of the screen. One day in 85 I happened to be downtown on a service call and stopped in the arcade I had always went to when I was in school. Across the street was this yuppie toy shop. In the front window were 6 Vectrex boxes with a sign saying close out special. $50. Couldn't pass that up. And picked up 5 games for 5 bucks each. The last game I got was an extra star trek because it was only 99 cents. That poor unit got beat up pretty good over the next 10 years. The buttons were getting harder to hit. Then in 98 I happened to see some old Atari games at an antique swap meet. Guy wanted 100 bucks for an Atari 2600 and 20 games. Chuckle :) I asked if he had any other video games and he said yeah some old black and white thing with it's own TV. Shows me a Vectrex that looked in perfect shape. Stuck a cart in and turned it on and spike came on :) He says I can have it for $50. Sounded good to me. I was looking around for new games and came across someone's reference to a multi-cart. Found the guy that makes them and worked out a trade. So now I am the happy owner of all the Vectrex games. If you want to get yourself a multi-cart go see Sean Kelly.

Last year at my son's first birthday there were a few of our friends kids over here. A group was arguing over who would play the Sony. So I pulled out the Vectrex. Within 15 minutes all the kids were sitting around this little thing one at a time playing clean sweep. The Playstation and N64 were forgotten about. Now when any of them come over they want that little thing in the closet to play :)

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