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I bought my first intellivision in 83 from the video storeintvfront.jpg (23840 bytes) where we rented games. They sold me one for 20 bucks. I also got a few carts like star strike and sub hunt for $5 each. A few years later I got the voice module and 3 of the voice carts for $20. My favorite games might surprise you.intvback.jpg (21105 bytes) Vectron, He Man, and kool aid man. I remember buying about 50 bucks worth of Kool-Aid just to get enough points to send away for the game. Plus like 15 bucks for the shipping and handling :)

I was addicted to dungeons and dragons. If the first one wasn't bad enough the treasure of Tarmin with it's 3D dungeons was enough to keep me glued to my TV for hours and hours on end. I remember getting down below level 99 just to see what happened. Of course that didn't compare to the first time confronting the minotaur.

I was also lucky enough to snag the best Imagic games new from Kiddie City for 5 bucks each. Like Dracula and trucking. 

And this close out place was selling the computer module for 10 bucks so I got one of those also. And I needed Scooby doo's maze chase just to make sure the computer worked :)

Since then I have picked up an intellivision II and another first model. My original died and was traded for parts.

I am curious to know why there are no real emulators for the intellivision except for the ones put out by the original programmers. You got to wonder how hard are these things really to program or understand.

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