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wpe99791.jpg (21498 bytes)Larry the Lion. A Mattel chatter pal from 1962. How this toy survived all these years I'll never know. All my life up until I was 19 I had this on a shelf somewhere in my room. Girls would love to pull his string. If you look closely at the bottom left corner of this pic from when I was 17 you can just see his eyes. After I moved out of my parents house I moved him to the storage space above the closet. wpe70799.jpg (22424 bytes)My sister left him there. And that's where I found him when I moved back in with my parents in 1992. So naturally I took him with me when I moved in with my roommate. Well. Women still liked to pull his string. But he was usually just putting them to sleep.

 Now he sits on a shelf in the closet but here on the web he can be seen by millions. Or Hit Countermillion

Larry's voice still works. He says 11 different things.

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