Billed as a mature themed game. But does anybody really know what the different modes changed? For the life of me I couldn't tell the difference between any of them. I must admit I had this game for a few years before I picked up this republished solid gold edition. All for one of the inserts. The one that I had never gotten my hands on. The one big disappointment. The one chance to make a copy protection that could not be copied. Well it could be duplicated though :) There was one thing that made this game stand out so far from the rest. Besides the gender switch thing. Let me introduce the very beginning of this game. You are in a bar. You feel an urge. You realize you need to use the facilities. Before you are two doors. One marked Ladies, the other Gents. Your decision decides your gender. After relieving yourself you notice a strange smell coming from one of the stalls. A smell you can't mistake. A smell left over from something laying on the floor of the bathroom stall. Looking disgusting. What is this you ask? Well Just scratch and sniff #1 please!

So what did you see laying on that bathroom floor?     PIZZA of course :)  I consider this one of my highly prized computer game collectibles. The first scratch and sniff accessory. Speaking of accessories. How come they don't gave things out with games anymore. Geez.

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