This needs a whole page of it's own now. Would you still consider it found if you weren't looking for it?

Here is the original paragraph that was removed from the last page.

The first goddess I remember was Jane. Jane Doe. I had a dream. My dream was to get my first kiss from Jane Doe. Ever since the time my cousin and I snuck into her friend Jane2's house one night she was having a slumber party. Actually we were invited in through the window. Jane taught me to slow dance that night. To a song I will never forget. Angie by the Rolling Stones. It took 2 months to finally get that kiss. And a lucky spin of a bottle in a game :) Do you think if I mention the name Jane Doe one more time maybe somebody else will come here looking for her? Or maybe she will herself looking back on old memories?

SO guess what. I get an email from the goddess, actually a "friend" and not her. Is it a "Hi how ya been for the last 30 years"? No, It's a "She doesn't remember you so could you please remove her name from your web page".

Now I know I never let on to her that she was the first girl I kissed. And I didn't find out till later that most older girls just messed with younger guys. So the initial crushing shock of one of the defining moments of my life being forgotten by the other party involved lasted about 10 seconds. That was followed by the thought that this was part of MY autobiography and I can write about anything that happened to myself. No personnel information was given other than a name. And the first amendment allows that as long as it isn't libelous or confidential private information is given. The confidential part was all mine, divulging my inexperience :)

So while I was thinking about leaving it as or replacing the last name with an initial or removing the last name altogether the thought occurred to me that if I would have been looking for her I probably would have not been able to find her in a million years. But thanks to the search engines doing their jobs she found herself :)

Some of the research I'm doing now is how to better use the Internet to find people. There is another page here that tells how I found my Wife's Father after 27 years. One of the little quizzes I was thinking about putting up was

If you could contact someone from your past who would you most want it to be:

  1. Your first crush.
  2. Your first kiss.
  3. Your high school sweetheart.
  4. Your first Girlfriend or Boyfriend.
  5. Your first intimate partner.

Of course there are some people who could care less about anything that far back or some people that have lost too many brain cells to remember most of it.

Making the most of a web page so it stands out in search engines is not an easy thing to do. You can't just repeat words or names. So the working title of my book in progress is "How to get found by anybody that's looking :)"

By the way, I decided to change the names completely. And maybe someday I'll write the complete version. But for now only one other person will know who Jane Doe really was.

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