Have you heard about this thing called the internet? 10 years ago there were not many people on it. Then in the mid to late 90's it sort of caught on. And now with AOL sending out millions and millions of free disks there are more people on line than ever. Imagine being able to find old friends online that you haven't talked to in 30 years. With the wonderful technology of the search engines it is possible someday someone will be searching for two or three things on this page and will end up here.

Where I grew up in north western Philadelphia there were like 4 different neighborhoods all within walking distance and two more within biking distance. Manayunk, Roxborough, Wissahickon, East Falls, Andorra and Belmont Hills. And from the time I was 12 till about 17 there were many different places I hung out.

I lived a half block from Ridge and Manayunk Avenue. So before I was allowed to cross Ridge I would hang with the buds on the church lot or around the corner and down Osborne street at the school lot. Or the old Wissahickon library lot. Or back the alley up on either side of Osborne.

But then since I was so old and in 7th grade I was finally allowed up Manayunk avenue or better yet up Ridge ave. Up to my cousins house. That's where I started meeting um, girls :) High school girls even. Since I was only 12 a 15 year old girl was like a goddess. The first goddess I remember has forgotten me completely :(

What a summer of innocence that was between 7th and 8th grade. I decided maybe it wasn't such a good idea to go to seminary school to become a priest. I wonder if it had anything to do with getting my first girlfriend. The place was the old Roxy Movie theatre on Ridge avenue. I got a ride from my mom. The movie was a rather lame horror movie called Grizzly. I walked in and was looking for my friends. Saw one girl I knew named Arlene. And she was sitting next to this other cute looking girl. So I asked her if anyone was sitting there and she said no and 15 minutes later we ended up in the back row kind of close together. Talking to pass the time. Her name was Nancy. Nancy Roop. We did end up going out for 6 months. I didn't know it at the time but that would be my record dating length up until I got married. :) Anyway. 8th grade was a blur. I managed to get accepted into a really hard school. St. Joes Prep. Started hanging out with a different crowd on Seville Street. Near the Hi Spot bowling alley.

This page is still being added to. I would love to hear from anybody that is part of this Autobiography :) Email me! Only you know who you are..

2005 edit. Ok, thanks to the IMDB website I was able to find out the movie Grizzly actually came out in 1976 so I was already in 9th grade.

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