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Alternate Reality Atari 8 bit gameAlternate Reality.

This is one of the best games for the Atari and one I never owned until 2001. And even then I didn't get around to loading it up until 2006. It's not as interesting to write about a 25 year old game that I didn't play 25 years ago. I do remember hearing great things about Alternate Reality and also that the price never dropped and then I never saw it on closeout. And nobody I knew on the BBS's had it to copy. I wonder if it was a limited production. But now that I have it safely copied I wonder if I'll get around to playing it. The graphics are the most advanced I have seen on the Atari 8 bit. The game makes full use of display list interrupts to change the color pallet and give the most colors possible for the Atari. Most of this was only done in demos before. I played it for a little bit and it was noticeable right away. We take 128 different colors on a single screen for granted now.

Another thing that I hadn't realized was a bit groundbreaking was the opening sequence. The sound effects kick in and then some credits roll and then you see a karaoke theme song. I plan on transcribing the lyrics since I can't seem to google them. But for now why not just enjoy the video. Altered Reality Opening. Please download this if you want to look at it a few times :)

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