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I think I'll fill this page with some screen shots and descriptions of my favorite games. This one is called Stealth. Basic behind the shooter 360deg twitch game. The object is to get to the tower and blow it up.

stealth1.jpg (21288 bytes)

stealth2.jpg (18089 bytes)

stealth.jpg (16109 bytes)

Could you imagine a robotic vehicle electronic high gravity soccer game?

ballblaze.jpg (16722 bytes)

ballblaze1.jpg (19085 bytes)

The physics in ballblazer are perfect. It really feels like you are playing. Games like this are rare. The only other one I know of is shufflepuck cafe on an old MAC.

I got a hold of Bill Budge's Pinball Construction Set. I was always a pinball fan. Even playing the original Atari video pinball way to much. And David's midnight magic was my favorite until I started making my own tables. After weeks and weeks of making really detailed tables I finally settled down to a well designed simple layout that was something I actually played hundreds of times. Here it is.

Simple with lots of open space. Bonus multiplier goes up when you complete the top loop. A kicker on the left lane that doesn't always catch the ball. This was my favorite table. I transferred it to an ATR file format with APE a few years back. It seems strange to look at this on an emulator 17 years after I made it. If you are interested here is the zipped ATR file. It has the fully playable version you could make for your friends. You don't need Pinball Construction set to play it. It also has a few of my other basic games I wrote. It should be bootable even in an emulator.

This one is called Red light Green light. Lots of fun for 2 players. Needs two joysticks.

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