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1985 Nolan Bushnell and a company called Axlon made one of the most interesting toys ever made. The AG Bear. AG stands for Almost Grown. Originally I got one in 1987. I am pretty sure it was gray with a red shirt. Although it might have had a blue shirt. That bear was named Alexander the Great. Alex, as we called him was played with so much and everybody loved him and wore him out and I don't know what happened to him.


One of the first things I looked for on eBay in 1997 was a replacement AG Bear. That is where Alex II came from. Then a few months later I stumbled across an auction for three AG Bears with two non working voice boxes and one shirt. Since the shirt was a different one than I already had I decided to bid. I won that auction for just about the same price as I paid for the first working one. One of the voice boxes just needed a wire soldered back on. The other needs a whole new battery holder and a good cleaning. One of the voice boxes was an original Axlon. The other two are remakes from the 90's. The white bear appears to be second generation. But the others appear to be original. All have the Axlon tag. I have a Grey, two Brown and White bear with the blue and red shirts. So here are pictures of all the combinations I think there were of the AG Bear. Please let me know if there is any I am missing. And if you are an AG Bear owner please sign in to the guestbook and leave a picture of your AG.


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