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The things we take for granted now. For my 12th birthday besides my first electronics kit my Grandfather took me to some store at the King Of Prussia mall. He bought me my first clock radio. It had FM yes but nothing was really good that I could recognize on the FM dial so I kept it on AM. Down at the bottom of the dial was WFIL. And The only music I remember really paying attention to was Elton John. My father had given me all his old 45's from the animals and the doors but they were too heavy and moody for me. So for 2 years my dial was still stuck on the AM side.

Speaking of AM versus FM do you remember when FM portable radios were too expensive for most people to afford? And then in the 70's FM radios were judged by the number of transistors they had? I'll never forget the first FM portable my parents bought saying 13 transistor radio!

Through the marvel of the internet I was able to go online and purchase a CD by Jaron

I'll add more to this page later. It's gonna get long :)

I just noticed this page has been sitting like this for the last year. What I was trying to say was I purchased a CD by Jaron Lanier. The guy that wrote Moondust for the commodore 64. He is a very eclectic musician and his CD is a collaboration with Robert Dick. If you get the time go visit Robert Dick's website. The album he did with Jaron Lanier is called Columns Of Air.

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