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When I think back over the last 30 years there is one thing that has stayed consistent. My love of video games and testing my hand eye coordination and sometimes my intellect. I think back to the countless quarters I have spent at the arcade. I remember a bunch of hand held games that we would sneak into school. They were great portable fun even though they were just a few blinking lights. Then instead of spending the money one quarter at a time I saved and saved to bring the arcade excitement home. And there was always a bigger and better system just a few months away. And finally, the thing that fascinated me the most from school. The computer. It wasn't for just the office anymore. I can't calculate the money spent in arcades. I can look at my 32 video game systems and 700 plus cartridges and remember which ones came from yard sales and the ones that cost $30-$50 dollars. But I would bet that the amount of time I have spent having fun evens it all out.

The basic navigation structure is a standard chapter - verse navigation. Related items are in the links across the top of the page under the banner. And on the left side are the child sections related to where you are. For instance if you click Consoles on the left you will do to my Home Video game section. Where the left side links will be Sega, Atari, Coleco and so on. So remember links at the top are similar sections and links at the left are always sub sections. Any questions or even comments would be greatly appreciated. As an Internet Engineer I would love feedback on the usability of this site.


Ok a little bit of legal mumbo jumbo here. The opinions expressed on this website are that of the author alone and subject to disapproval or approval or whatever :) If I mention having a game and loving it and you rush out to buy it and then decide it's a real piece of garbage then I'm really sorry but I can't reimburse you the $50 it cost you on eBay. I Swear to the best of my ability there will be nothing lame on this website unless noted as 'lame'  :)  So don't try this at home. Disclaimer 2007 MTE so there.

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