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In 1978 the star wars phenomenon was over in the theatre but in high gear in the marketing department. The big thing in the arcade was to have some sort of star wars theme. Didn't matter if the only resemblance was the little ships looked like tie fighters. 3D star fields were a hot background. Ahead warp factor 1 Scotty..

The first arcade game I remember with a star wars twist was Exidy's Starfire. And yes the ships looked like tie fighters. And the annoying cross hatch aiming that was nothing but filler. Here is a screen shot of the Atari version.

exidy starfire atari version

Space games were easy because it was an excuse for a black background. Simulated trench flying was easy to program for home games. At least with the vertical line based systems of the time :) Motion simulated by color cycling.

Speaking of color cycling. The King of all arcade games like this. (Ok ok possibly the only game like this) was Tunnel Hunt

Which by the way also had rather conspicuous looking little tie fighters. I know this was a late 70's game but I didn't play it until 82. Ha I remember thinking how retro it was to play this game instead of Tron. The background was good for making one dizzy. One time I played it for over 15 minutes without dying and almost tripped heading to another game. 

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