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Ok what were you expecting on this page? :) My hidden subliminal devil worship stuff ? ha.

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Satan's Hollow. 1981 by somebody. I just happened to see this machine in a 7-11 about a mile away from where I now live. I can't remember why I was up here. I had my parents car at the time. I do remember wasting an hour and about 5 bucks playing the game. The basic shooter style was there. What I remember the most was the way the background changed with each wave like it was getting darker. Actually it was the first shooter I remember with a background. And the dual screen thingy with building the bridge to get to the other side. The flag growing on the top of the castle showing the level was rather standard at the time. Something to show the level you were on.

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Anyway where was I. Getting in trouble for being an hour late. This was just a preview because in a year the arcade scene would really grab me.

Hit Counter Satan's Hollow players remember this as cool.


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