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I remember looking at pocketPC's in 2002 and thinking someday I would have one. But the $400 price tag was way too steep. And it was just a glorified toy. But lately I have been using Microsoft Outlook more and more for keeping track of my daily work activity. And the client site I am at will be developing a pocketPC version of it's software. And I was reminded that Microsoft is giving away the development tools free!

And Dell announced a major price drop on it's Axim pocketPC so I bought one. Now I am busy relearning my Visual Basic for Embedded devices and playing with the pocketPC emulator and trying to convert some of my old QuickBasic games into eVB.

Ok eVB has since been replaced by bigger and better development tools but you can still get a few things free from Microsoft.

In the mean time I have created a few pocketPC today themes. I figured I would do some of what I know best. Classic Video Games of course! Take a look at these.



I plan on having a major collection of classic video games soon. Eventually it will be linked here. Currently there are a few of these up for sale on Handango and pocketgear. If you would like to purchase a few of these themes and you have PayPal drop me an email

How would you like to get every one of these themes? If you send an email to mobilethemes@vulcanjedi.com you will automatically get a response back with your first theme along with instructions on how to receive all the others.

As for the legal stuff the theme layouts are 2003-2006 MTE. Characters or object shown may be or TM of their respective owners

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