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Background midi is the main theme from streets of rage. Sends chills up my spine even after 10 years.

Managed to talk my parents into buying a Genesis for me and the kids the first year it was available. 1989. The home system finally gets hi tech.

The price, $189.00. The list of available games totaled 18. But there was something about that console I had a real good feeling about. There was a promise of a 16 bit Phantasy Star. There were rumors of real arcade conversions. It had a Motorola 68000 microprocessor. The same computer brain that cost $1000 in a Macintosh and powered some of the best arcade games. And it still had the Z80 that ran the SMS.

What more could you possibly want for a home video game. It had stereo. It had 64 colors. It had three buttons on its controller :)

04/17/2002 and look what somebody gave me today.


Now basically I already have 5 working Genesis units. But my original one from 89 died a few years back but I kept the main circuit board just in case I needed parts. But here was the same original one. Still has the Electronics Boutique 189.99 price sticker on it. And inside. Mint in the packaging, a first rev model. Back in 1990 electronic arts and one other company made some games for the Sega that were not licensed. Since other companies had lost some lawsuits about reversed engineered games Sega decided just to add a lockout screen. If the game was not a Sega cart it froze. I was unaware of this because I had an original. And one of my favorite games at the time was Budokan. So when I fired up this system and plugged Budokan in it came right up. Happy happy joy joy.

Bye the way. To get Budokan or Ishido or Populous or Zany Golf to work on a genesis with the lockout screen you have to plug in another cart. I recommend an old Sega one without a batter backup of course. Turn it on and wait till the SEGA title screen finishes. Remove the cart without turning the power off. Insert the "Unlicensed" game. again without touching the power. Then hit the reset button. The lockout only runs on a cold start :) Warm booting does not clear all the registers. Incidentally this was the subject of some early cheats. Swapping a Rambo III with an After Burner or a Space Harrier bumped your lives up to 99. But I can't remember which was first :)

Another thing the first rev has a special debug mode that was used by the programmers. The only game I know of that has special cheats that use this is sonic 1. You can enter debug mode and see all the graphics. Scroll through walls. And a bunch of other really cool but useless stuff. If anybody reading this knows of other old Sega games with special rev 1 cheats please let me know.

Along with the system were two of these.

The original Arcade Power Stick. $49.99 for a joystick? By the time the Nintendo's and Sega's came along the problems with tricky joysticks had been solved. But Sega still decided that along with an "Arcade" quality system you might want an Arcade quality joystick. So they made a joystick that was identical to the ones in arcade cabinets. This is NOT the 6 button arcade stick that came out 3 years later. They have exactly the same shape But the 6 button one is very poorly made. The original one is perfect. In my opinion the best one ever made. And don't forget these work on Atari and Commodore systems also :)

No I would never have spent the $49.99 for one of these. I was so close to buying one when toys r us had them on closeout for 9.99 but I opted to buy a second copy of Panzer Dragoon Saga that day.

Here is my Genesis inventory


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