This will be an even shorter list than the NES version because I have not finished any SNES game that I can remember.

Wait wait, Y's III was the only SNES game I have finished. And I was a little bit disappointed at it. I was able to get through 99% of the game with no problem. Then right toward the end of the game there was this boss that I could just not beat. I tried and tried for months. Really I did.

Kept going back and trying over and over.

I finally got fed up and decided I wasn't going to beat the game because I didn't want to use a cheat. But then I started thinking. Why should I miss the opportunity to see a game ending just because the programmers screwed up and made a final boss too hard to beat. Sad to say I used a cheat code and beat the boss.

And the final boss was not as hard. What in the world was that all about. Bad design.

Anyway. If I remember any other SNES games I have finished they will go here.

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