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Some images I have created.blues



ballspretty colors



Look deep into the fire, see how it consumes, how it takes whatever is fed into it and eats it alive.
See how the fire cleanses down to the bare essentials, how it removes the soft unwanted exterior.
Look into the fire, see the blinding brightness that blocks out the visions as well as the memories.
Watch the fire, watch it roar, hear the flames sing the song of the phoenix, destined to be reborn from its own ashes.
Pity the fire, see the wisps of smoke wandering aimlessly as if they had no where to go, yet no reason to stay.
Look how the fire leaves its mark, nothing in its path is left untouched or left to feel unwanted.
Smell the fire, smell the memory of what once was and what has been frozen in time.
Watch the fire die, draining all energy till there was nothing left to sustain itself.
See what remains after the last ember has faded to black, nothing, consuming passions burn themselves out.

bluemoon even the moon gets the bluesredmoon kinda an anti blue thing

rainbow and stuff

room with pink dots


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please note the copyright on all but the last pic :) Feel free to do whatever you wish with it!

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