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smurf.jpg (28413 bytes)Real cartoon graphics could be found for the first time in a silly little game about little blue things. Smurfs :) The first time I saw the Coleco version of smurfs I was a little awed. but I got over it. 

Ok I admit it was cute and it was the first game I bought used for $5. But it didn't have much challenge to it. And it was so hard to control with those Coleco sticks. A few years later when I was into the BBS thing with my Atari, I got some cheat files for Coleco games. I saw a mention about making Smurfette take her clothes of on the last screen. It seemed innocent enough. A programming glitch, but was it intentional?  :)

smurfette1.jpg (26562 bytes)I really didn't pay it any attention until I picked up the Coleco emulator and some rom images of carts I own. And in some obscure FAQ it mentioned the naked Smurfette glitch. 


So there is the normal screen shot of the last screen. Here is the way it was hyped. Smurfette closes her eyes, drops her top and hikes her skirt up for you. Do you dare continue? Click Smurfette :)

Hit Counter Strange people have come looking for a naked Smurfette.

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