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Too late for the redesigned 2600 to have any kind of an impact on the video game market. It was smaller and better looking and didn't have a problem with some carts not fitting. It also had redesigned output and looked much better video wise. I picked one up at a flea market in 89 in a box with 2 other Atari's and about 3 dozen games. The cost ?  ?   $3  !!!  The woman said she was tired of bring this thing out every year to have people look through it and never buy anything.  :) It became my 2600 of choice until I got my 7800 ...

Ok the better video question has become debatable. I have to say it is noticeably different from my 4 switch. But only just slightly different from my 6 switch. And exactly the same as my 7800. I think the JR has a stronger video signal. It makes for a brighter color signal but a more aliased pixel look. So the 6 switch in it's fuzziness is almost like it's doing anti-aliasing :)

Oh and there are two different versions of the Jr. The only difference is the rainbow graphic band on the top. One goes all the way across and the other stops half way.

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