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I have always wanted to learn how to play Civilization. I have it. I also have this great book called Rome on 640k a day. But it never pulls me in. Hasn't hooked me. You know that hook like SimCity had the first time you played it. And of course I have colonization and CivNet and haven't spent much time with either of them.

Speaking of the sim things. I have SimIsle and haven't been able to get it to work. needs a special boot. I have played it on my older systems. But it seems to be lacking something.

I think I have loaded warcraft 3 or 4 times and taken it off. 

And online games. I have this game from Falcom called Lord Monarch. For the life of me I can't figure out what to do. They are one of the best game companies on the planet. They made Y's So if anyone knows a good help file for Lord Monarch please let me know :)

At least I think that was online. Currently I'm trying to play Tanarus. Is it me getting old or do I just not get the concept of some of these games right away. Actually the only thing I can't get is missiles.  And the satellite parts. Oh well.

I think I'll stick to 15 year old arcade games...

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