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Back in 1982 when Tron came out there were plenty of licensed toys to go with it. Even baseball cards. Um, I mean TRON cards :) I bought a few packs. In 1986 when I was in the Exton square mall buying my Atari 1030 modem, I also picked up about 3 dozen of these Tron card packs on closeout for $0.10 each. After opening them all I had almost half of the set complete. In 1998 I found a neat old store at the Zerns Farmers market that had all kinds of old stuff. In one box there were hundreds of old 1980's cards with a lot of the Tron cards. They were being sold 10 or 20 for $0.25. I lost count at about 50 and offered the woman $5 for the whole box. She took the deal. There turned out to be over 200 of the Tron cards and after careful count I had the whole set except for 1 card. I posted a request in rec.tradingcards.nonsports looking for the missing card and got a reply within a day. A week later I had the card. The guy didn't even want anything for it. I did end up giving him a mint Journey Escape Atari 2600 cart. So My next project is to scan the set. For now, here are a few choice ones :)

tron27.jpg (18908 bytes)

tron44.jpg (21440 bytes)

tron52.jpg (20173 bytes)
I am happy to say that I took one of these cards with me to Philly Classic 5 and got it signed by Cindy Morgan :)

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