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The final frontier. :)

Being a kid growing up in the late 60's meant watching the astronauts go hurling into space. The very first time we ever had a TV in the class was the day they landed on the moon. Wait a minute. The landed the first time in July. I wasn't in school in July. I must be confusing Apollo 10 or 9.

Once again I'm putting a small rather non descript place holder of a page up for future propagation :)

I'll leave you with a picture I spent hours on back in 1980. First I painted a page black but left dots for the stars and a big open spot for the planet. Then I drew in the planet. Then using various nail polishes I made some of the stars slightly colored. Then I took some glow in the dark paint and covered all the stars with it. And the hurling comet.

Ok. This was in the kids room until I bought a house in 84. Then it was in the basement. When I moved out in 92 I rolled it up and stuck it in the ceiling. When the house was sold in 97 I was doing a final walkthrough and pulled it out from the ceiling and stuck it in my truck. Before the lease was up on my truck in 99 I took it into my office. And in cleaning out my office in 01 for my lay off I finally brought it home. So you see I have to think this has some cosmic importance or something otherwise why would I still have it?  :)

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