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Back in 1987 I bought a used Sega master system because all my favorite arcade games were Sega. Spec wise it was better than the NES.

While I was getting free games by downloading Atari stuff from BBS's I was still looking to fill the void from not having the latest technology. There was still something the console systems had to offer that the computers didn't. They were graphically superior. Has the meaning of new technology always been that it looks better? The Sega master system looked better than anything the Atari had. And side by side with the Nintendo it still seemed to look better.

Even the game I bought my SMS to play, Choplifter, was graphically better than the old Choplifter version. And so close to the arcade version. So it all comes down to looks.  :)

I wasn't buying into the Mario hype. Or the Zelda stuff. Sega was a name I new from the arcade. And yes I got it used for $75 which was half the price of a new one.

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