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The SegaCD release was around the same time as my return to single life. It was not a good year for my financial state. I had to scrape my jaw from the floor the first time I saw Silpheed. But the lack of titles held me back. I ended up buying a used Super Nintendo with 6 games for $150. But that Silpheed was amazing. The SNES had the special Mode 7 rotation and scaling. The SegaCD added the same thing to the Genesis. And Silpheed made full use of it.

I did get my SegaCD a few years later.  $15 at funcoland for it when they were dumping them. And the majority of my SegaCD games were bought from them for under 3 bucks. Definitely a great addition to my collection but I'm glad it was all at a discount. The most I have paid for any SegaCD game is $20 for a new Popful Mail.

Sega CD emulation? YES Finally. And since I am playing these from Original CD's that I own I'm going to talk about it :)


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