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Some interesting screen caps you might not have seen. Mainly because some games run from emulators do things weird. Like these two Journey escape shots.

journey.jpg (6791 bytes)

journey1.jpg (14423 bytes)

Notice the wonderful background star field on the first one. And the same thing on the emulator makes streaks. This game actually uses a screen glitch to make the background. Can't emulate the glitch.

Check out my YouTube game play of Escape.

And in the "I have too much time on my hands" department. I tried a little animation. And a good capture without that annoying line.

ss.jpg (10215 bytes)

Can't get the animation to thumbnail.. Hmm And finally some caps from the last new Atari 2600 game I bought in a store.

pis.jpg (4307 bytes)

pis1.jpg (8425 bytes)

pis2.jpg (4206 bytes)

pis3.jpg (5862 bytes)

In case you are interested I have a TV capture card and I use my computer monitor to play some of my old games. And don't forget these images are 2001 MTE

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