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Qbert was actually the first arcade game that introduced sort of a physical feedback to the playing experience. When Qbert fell off the playing field he screamed AAHHhh.. and you would actually hear a thud in the bottom of the arcade game. There was a solenoid rigged to strike the metal plate. I think this led the way for interactive moving cabinet games and shaking joysticks (like thunder blade and after burner). There were earlier games that introduced sound from an external source. Like deathrace 2000. Where you had to run into little computer stick people. When you did they screamed. It was a tape loop. Most arcades turned it off. That by the way was the first video game to be protested by concerned citizens and parents :)  Wonder why they didn't protest Qbert's swearing. Because it was bleeped?

Hit Counter Qbert lovers wished they still had their Qbert bank.

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