Pong. Actually pong was not the first video game available. The first I think was a space war game for 2 players. Spinning ships with thrusters and shooters. After pong came out it did get more complicated with a planet in the middle and different gravitations and deposit extra quarters for more time and all. But pong was still the first big thing. One machine in the swim club's game room surrounded by several pinball and pool tables. Then they made a sit down version I started playing at the pizza shop. The simple tennis pong was replaced with one that offered hockey and handball options. Then the 4 player version came along. So much fascination for just a little blip with little bleeps. And all those poor CRT tubes with the lines burned into them. I saw a unit for sale at a flea market a year back. Must have been in a bar because it had burns along the top. They wanted $80 for it. Now if it was $20 I might have considered it.


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