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So you have a Nintendo DS Pokémon Diamond or a Nintendo DS Pokémon Pearl and you have done a Global Trade through the GTS and you got a pokémon named vulcanjedi from a trainer named Alfie. Then you googled vulcanjedi and pokémon and you came here. Cool yes? That would be me. I must admit to playing pokémon I guess. Fire Red, Leaf Green, Crystal, Sapphire, Red Mystery Dungeon, and Diamond. My son has Pearl. I even have Battle Revolution to play on the Wii.

Now that I have gotten the national pokédex and opened pal park I can start moving some of my fire red and leaf green pokémon into my DS. First thing to move was a ditto so I could get eggs. Now it's time to start building my collection.

My trainer name is Alfie and my friend code is 3222 3255 2944

Looking for a specific pokémon? Send an email to gametrader @ excite dot see ooh emm if you can read my anti spam address. I may consider breeding pokémon for you for a trade. If you are looking for anything else pokémon try one of these links.


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