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NiGHTS Into Dreams

This game needs a site of it's own. So this is a start. Sega Saturn NiGHTS Into Dreams. This is the best original Sonic Team game made for the Sega Saturn. If you are a classic retro game player or a Sega fan then you need a Saturn and NiGHTS Into Dreams.

On the NiGHTS into dreams CD is a folder called extras you can read on a PC. It contains 8 bitmap images in 16m and 256 colors. Don't see much need for low rez anymore so here are the hi color ones.

How about a picture of the end. From the strategy guide. If it wasn't for this guide I would never have known about the a-life and the NiGHTopians.



Hit Counter People think NiGHTS is the best Sega Saturn game.

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