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The first genesis I owned stopped working around 1999. I was sad to see it go because it was the first revision rom that did not display the Sega copyright at startup. And it played my Budokan and those other EA and accolade non-licensed games from 1990. The coolest thing about the rom 1 machines was the special debug mode. With a cheat code you could do some really cool things with Sonic 1 that you can't do on any other unit. UPDATE April 2002 I got a mint in box Sega Genesis Model 1 Rom Rev 1 WooHoo. Now if I can just find those sonic codes I'll be set.

My ultimate Sega setup. A Genesis model 1 and SegaCD model 2 with a 32X plucked into it :) That monster of a monitor is a Conrac 19 inch RGB monitor. Weighs 82lbs. All Sega systems output RGB and even have the correct Sync signal. I had a little bit of extra cash in 2001 and found a place that would custom build an RGB for the genesis model 2. Redmond Cable And it only cost me $73 :) Since I bought my 32X new I still have the adapter cable for the Genesis 1. So I can use that use this same cable on my Genesis 1 or my Master System.

Other parts of the world have wonderful SCART TV's that do RGB and even PAL video is such an improvement over NTSC. But here in North America we are stuck with what we have. RGB is the closest thing you can get to pure video for an arcade game. That's why arcade games use RGB monitors. It's hard to put it in perspective but let me show you a pic of a game in RGB.

Click on that picture to open it up full size. That is Power Monger. This is a pic taken with my digital cam of the monitor screen so it is loosing a little bit of clarity. But notice the little status lines above player one's head. Playing this game on a TV you see these little lines as colored blurs. The colors are the most incredible difference. In RGB they are just so much more intense. I highly recommend RGB for any die hard gamers.

OK I hear you say that a VGA monitor is RGB. Yes it is. But the difference is in the scan frequency. Old game and arcade RGB scans at 15khz and all modern VGA scans start at 31.5khz and up. My Conrac has a switch for slow scan and fast scan. You need to find an older monitor. Commodore 1084's work if you build an adapter cable. Find yourself an old NEC 3D or any other monitor that cost $1000 back in 1990 :)

Now on to the rarest of my Sega collection. My Sega Demo System cartridge changer.

These were in the store displays back when the Genesis first came out. You attach it to the expansion connector and plug a cartridge with a connector into the Genesis. Then with the touch of a switch you can change between 6 different cartridges with an automatic reset between each. It is missing the plastic lid that locks down on the top. But I picked this up at a yard sale for $2.00 so I'm not going to complain.

I have a few Genesis model 2's but they are kind of boring so I wont take a pic of any of them :)

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