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June 2001 I finally got a PC fast enough to run MAME. In case you don't know MAME is an arcade emulator that uses binaries from the old arcade machines. It's hard to look at a game like Konami's time pilot and think that was ever state of the art. But in the early 1980's the arcades ruled. Sure the home systems had ports. But the arcade machines made us drop quarter after quarter.  Wow

Many a night I have been up playing some old game I loved. Having Mr. Do and Q*Bert on my Coleco does not compare to playing the actual arcade machine. Emulators like MAME are a way to preserve hardware. However, if a company still owns the rights to these games and still produces the games then they are off limits. The legalities of ROMS is tricky. I don't even want to get into it. I do however own a few arcade system boards. And a few ROM boards. So here are some useful links. And before you ask I do not know where to get ROM's, ISO's, Warez, or Philez :)

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