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Bad bad games. Yes every system has them. But for some reason the Sega Genesis has a slightly different breed of bad games. For some strange reason it seems no matter how bad they are they can still be slightly fun to play. Unlike the lame games for other systems that I wouldn't touch with a ten foot joystick extension.

I have to admit to seeking out and collecting bad Genesis games. They are the ones you can get on eBay for under 2 bucks.

One of the games I have had on my lame list was Stormlord. Extremely controversial because of the graphics of the Pixies and the Fairy statues. The PC version was un altered. But they were too risqué for the Sega. So razorsoft just added colored bands to the naked fairies so they looked like a bikini. What's the point of that? Changing the color of the nipples to something different than the body makes all the difference? :) Thank goodness the censors aren't colorblind :) Where was I. Oh I had this on my lame list because it's just a slow slow game. But I have to admit to never actually playing it on a Sega. Emulators (gasp) sure. And its slow. But I just picked one up finally. And I have to admit the speed is much better and the sound much better. So I may have to remove this from my lame list.

Here are some more.

  1. Sword Of Sodan
  2. Shaq-Fu
  3. Slaughter Sport

Hit Counter People actually paid full price for Shaq-Fu

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