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Please note: As of 2006 this inventory list is no longer accurate. I am selling off a good bit of stuff in order to get new stuff. Again, this will be a mere memory of something that was.


My criteria for the system listings here is anything that has multiple games. They are all originals. No backups, bootlegs, pirates or free homebrews. Plug and play systems do not count.

Over 50 different listed systems so far. The majority are cartridge based units. I can't wait till I have my hardware listed. Because there are multiple systems that use the same games. Like the 3 different Sega Genesis units or the 3 different Intellivision models or the 6 different things that play Atari 2600 games :)

Please ignore the Box column. I have decided to toss out all most all of my boxes. It will still show here because I will use it for my trade items.

Wow I think it works :)  The underlying database is a simple access mdb file. The above database and code 2002-2005 MTE.


Email me if you would like more info or if you would like a blank database to use for yourself.

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