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To me the background music in this game was close to the music on the coleco. I made a he-man wav file(222k)

There were two parts to this game. The defender like flying where you shoot fireballs and drop bombs. And the dragonfire like avoid the stuff skeletor throws at you as you try to touch him.

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Then you run into castle greyskull and do the skeletor shuffle all over again.  When you get to the right side of the screen you have this little sword fight with some cool sounding ka-chink chink sounds. Finally you chase him out of the castle and start all over again but the fireballs need to be hit multiple times.

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The weird part in the first section is that skeletor is running back and forth at the bottom of the screen and if you drop a bomb it makes a hole that he falls into. No matter how you reverse he just switches direction. So you get these points for dropping him in the hole but all you are really doing is trying to survive to the end anyway.

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