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Girls liked pinball. Girls thought pong was interesting, but by the time breakout came out they were not playing. They also were not playing games like Death Race that all the guys were raving about. What was it going to take to get girls to like gaming?

I beg to differ with the opinion that Pac man was the first arcade game girls liked. Sure they thought it was cute. But they also thought it was something they were supposed to like. So of course they didn't.

Then Ms. Pacman came in as the first female arcade star. Was it the soap opera plot of the game? Or was it just a pink dot with a bow. Um, a yellow dot with a pink bow :) So everything I read now says girls didn't play arcade games until Ms. Pacman. No, nada, I was there in the arcades. Why oh why was it not until centipede that females really got into arcade games? Pong's, Space invaders, Space games, didn't do it for the women. What was it about centipede that attracted a higher percentage of female players. Was it the absence of a joystick and the cue ball like trackball controller?

I remember reading a study on the differences between males and females in relation to video games. But it was back in the early 90's. I wonder what the differences are now. There is a subculture of women who are online gamers or death matchers. But they are few. More are into the online role play games than fragging Quake style :) Hey, don't take my word for it. Get it from the source. 

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