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Welcome to my "Game Room"

In the basement of my house is where my videogame setup lives. The computer isn't anything really special. It's a PIII 1ghz. But there is also a VGA box that allows me to hook up 4 composite inputs and view them on the monitor. So this is where I play most of my video games. I am mostly into classic systems. Especially SEGA.

This web cam will show my cam and other gaming cams. I'm trying to see how much interest there is in video games and web cams. While I have made attempts to lock out non-game content on this page something might still sneak in. I am only responsible for my own broadcasts.


I'm not completely sure what to do with this page. I have the capability to stream what I'm playing on cam as well. But what is it people want to see?


Ok I admit what you see might not a live cam but a video or slideshow feed from a fantastic program called WebcamMax. If you do have a webcam it allows you to add all these cool effects and graphics and nifty little gizmos. But it also will allow you to take a video or some pictures and stream them like a webcam. So you could make game videos or any other kind of video for that matter and have it come across the webcam feature of yahoo or MSN or a few dozen other chat sites. You could even take a bunch of pictures and  use those as a slide show. All with the same cool effects. You know video is the big thing right now. WebcamMax also works with youtube and I can think of lots of creative uses there. So if you are looking for a great addition to your webcam or a solution if you don't have one then head over to and check out the free trial version.


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